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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Selections for Nov 13, 2010

2004 Barossa Valley Estate, Ebenezer Cabernet Sauvignon
This is good stuff! At six years old, this smooth Australian Cab is ready-to-go. A full bodied red to pair with equally full flavoured foods or even a chunk of dark chocolate by the fire on a cold winter night.LCBO #039537 / $39.95

2007 Raimat Abadia, Crianza
An entry level wine from a relatively unknown region. This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Tempranillo. Crianza indicates oak ageing and more specifically, that this wine was aged for two years with at least 6 months of that time spent in oak casks or barrels. Be careful with this one, you might find yourself hooked on Spanish wine. Incidentally, I have never had a bottle of wine from Spain that I did not enjoy, and there have been far too many to count! LCBO #935460 / $14.95

2008 Donatien Bahuaud les Grands Mortiers, Vouvray
Don’t be put off by the complexity of the name; Vouvray (the place) and the Chenin Blanc (the grape) are two of France’s best kept secrets. Some examples are dry (sec) though this one is off-dry (demi-sec) and will pair perfectly with a dish with some zip or even its own as an aperitif. Don’t over chill it. LCBO #140889 / $15.95

2008 Tabali Reserva Especial, Chardonnay
This Chilean wine spent 10 months in French oak which imparts to the wine a softer, rounder body and feeling on the palate. It is not as aggressive as say, a Californian oaked Chard. Think of the style as somewhere between Meursault and Chablis in terms of buttery richness vs. minerality. Quite nice. LCBO #663005 / $18.95

1983 Gould Campbell, Vintage Port
If you have yet to try vintage port, this would be a great place to start. Vintage Port requires at least 15 years in the cellar before it is ready to drink. This one however, has been cellared for you (that’s why it’s expensive) and is now ready to enjoy. Thick and rich, try it after the kids are in bed with apple pie a piece of crumbly old cheese. Wow! LCBO #731752 / $79.00

One for the Cellar:
2007 Frescobaldi, Castello di Nipozzano, Mormoreto
I have enjoyed this wine (in previous vintages) on several occasions. Toscana IGT indicates this is a ‘SuperTuscan’ made with varietals not traditional to the Italy’s Tuscany region. This is high-end Frescobaldi and you will not be disappointed but don’t rush into this one, it needs 3 -5 years to find its sweet spot. Over time, the tannins will soften and the fruit will integrate to become full bodied and velvety smooth. LCBO #951210 / $59.95