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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something special for Dad

Let me see… perhaps the best way to approach a list of recommended wines for Father’s Day is to pass on a few that I would enjoy unwrapping on June 19th.

Let’s forgo the micro-brewery beer and single-malt theory and direct our approach toward a really nice bottle of wine for Pop; I’m thinking a package deal though: perhaps a nice full-bodied red or classic white and something fortified that will last him a few days.

A fancy Red

2004 Pirramimma Acj, Mclaren Vale, South Australia
ACJ are the initials of Alexander Campbell Johnson, the founder of Pirramimma. A beautifully balanced albeit very big wine. Notes of currants blackberries, and cassis. Smooooth and soft on the palate with more cassis, chocolate, and just a hint of pepper on the finish. Wonderful to taste and worth the premium price.  LCBO #72694 / $49.00

A backyard Red

2008  7 Deadly Zins Old Vine Zinfandel, Michael & David Phillips
Literally gobs of fruit and spice. The winemaker has extracted absolutely everything out of the grapes and put it into the bottle; a full bodied jammy Cali Zinfandel to pair with spicy ribs on the BBQ.  LCBO # 59311 / $24.95

A Classic White

2008 Domaine Masson Blondelet, Villa Paulus Pouilly Fumé
This is a stunning example of Pouilly-Fume and another clear demonstration of the difference between the old-world and the new. Aromas combine grapefruit and herbal notes but it's not aggressive like so many modern examples of Sauvignon Blanc. Light and fresh on the palate, displaying a good balance of sweetness vs. acidity.  A lovely aperitif wine!  LCBO# 702878 / $24.95

Fortified - to sip after the kids are in bed:

Warre’s 20-year old Tawny Port
Next to Kopke, Warre’s is the oldest brand of port; I believe the house was established in 1670! This wine shows a lovely nose of figs, raisin, and apricot. A slight orange-peel tang greets you on the palate but it quickly fades in the glass to show that great tawny smoothness. You’ll enjoy this!  LCBO #682716 / $39.95

1998 Henriques & Henriques, Single Harvest Maderia
This example is chestnut brown and viscous in the glass with aromas of figs, prunes, and orange peel. Rich to taste, not thin like the Rainwater alternative style; thick and concentrated, intensely coats the mouth with stewed black fruit - just one glass is all you need.  Good stuff.  LCBO #196857 / $33.95

Gilbert's Extra Dry White Port, Doc Douro
This was the favourite of the North of 9 tasting group at our fortified event last month. White port is best served slightly chilled and this example shows interesting aromas of solvent and spice while the taste was much softer, hinting at pears and apricot. It's not as dry as the label might suggest and finishes with just a touch of sweetness before you top-up the glass for a second go.  LCBO  #141085 / $12.95

Happy Father's Day