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Friday, July 8, 2011

Selections for July 9th

Wine selected from the July 9, 2011 LCBO Vintage Release 

With ‘Top mark wines’ as the focus this weekend, the good people at the LCBO have assembled page after page of wines that register 90+ points.  If you fall under the category of ‘quantitative type personality’ then this weekend’s LCBO Vintages release certainly has your number.  I personally choose not to grade wine numerically unless I’m specifically asked to do so; I just question the accuracy and subjectivity of the process on the whole.  This weekend however, I did select several wines from the catalogue that are graded 90 points or better.  I hope you enjoy them too.

The two red selections are a Spanish reserva and an nicely balance Australian Shiraz; our white wines in this edition represent the Niagara region and the Loire valley in France; in keeping with the theme of North of 9's tasting event this Sunday, I have a lovely sparkling rosé for you, and as always, a bottle to add to your growing cellar collection.



2005 LAN Reserva – Spain
This is the LCBO’s follow-up to the hugely successful LAN Crianza.  If you remember, that wine had a good core of acidity which paired it perfectly with food.  This wine, the reserva, has spent more time in oak and therefore much that acidity has faded to be replaced by a velvety smooth texture and more robust feel.  The tannins are barely noticeable if only slightly chalky and a nice hint of smoke lingers in the background.  The fruit does reflect back on the crianza however with tastes of raspberry and cranberry tart – fantastic!  Decant this one before serving to let the wine come back to life.  LCBO #042929 / $19.95 (XD)

2008 Sister’s Run ShirazAustralia
Here you go… a perfectly balanced Aussie Shiraz for well under $20.  The nose is very subdued initially but it really opens with some air to show a mixture of fruit, pepper spice, and earth notes.  On the palate this is not a fruit bomb; no, there is much more going on in the glass here.  LCBO #222018 / $15.95 (XD)


2009 Megalomaniac, Narcissit, Riesling – Canada
This one is really good.  Somewhere between Kabinett and Spätlese in terms of style, this Niagara Riesling has an expressive nose of classic lemon/lime while the taste is off-dry but still very clean with a faint expression of minerality.  I understand the winemaker has also included just a touch of Icewine in the recipe too… neat!  LCBO #067587 / $17.95 (MD)

2009 Pierre-Luc Bouchaud, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine  Loire, France 
It has an amazing silver sheen in the glass!  Great aromas of white pears and almond/vanilla extract; lightweight/clean on the palate initially, followed by a slightly tart midpalate and a rather pronounced pepper infusion on the finish – interesting… LCBO #223834 / $14.95 (XD)


Louis Bouillot, Perle d’Aurore, Cremant de Bourgogne – Burgundy, France
This Cremant is crafted using the same methods used in the production of Champagne.  French regulations however state that you can’t call Champagne, Champagne outside of Champagne… sometimes I crack myself up!   So what you have here is a really good sparkling wine and a very accurate representation of the rosé style.  The nose shows a good mix of raspberry and strawberry with hints of cherry and a clean stone minerality on the palate.  Enjoy this one well chilled under the hot sun.  LCBO #048793 / $18.95 (XD)

One for the Cellar

2007 Domaine des Bosquets, Gigondas – Rhône, France
In a recent edition of Selections I recommended a Chateauneuf-du-Pape for your cellar. This weekend’s Cellar Selection is the little brother of the great Chateauneuf-du-Pape style; though little brother might be misleading since this is indeed a very big, full-bodied red and one that you can enjoy now with decanting or cellar for enjoyment anytime over the next 7 to 8 years.
Gigondas by French AOC regulations must include at least 80% Grenache and a minimum of 15% Syrah and/or Mourvedre with the remainder made up of other Rhône varieties.  Expect an element of spice from the Grenache and lots of predominately black fruit plus a touch of smoke on the finish.  I think you’ll like this one!  LCBO #209718 / $31.95 (D)

Do you receive the Vintages catalogue in the mail?  If not, it is free.  Simply go to and request your copy.  Then you can follow my Selection with each new release.