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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wine for the Weekend

Having spent this past Monday evening tasting Spanish wine with the Wine Align crowd at The Spoke Club in Toronto, I feel the need to extend that Mediterranean theme in one of this week’s selections.   There is a clean line to Spanish Crianza but since my pick a few weeks ago was from Spain, I’ll turn to neighbouring Portugal for a similar feel.  In keeping with our under $20 theme, I’ve found a very enjoyable Portuguese red from a producer that is winning medals in wine competitions all across Europe

Many of the white wines that I choose are from here in Ontario.  And for good reason, the niche style that defines Ontario viticulture is the crisp, mineral driven product of cool climate vines.  The week I’d like to share a Sauvignon Blanc from Niagara that won me over at a recent dinner party.

Our Wine Spot this week is courtesy of a gentleman who has forgotten more about coffee than the rest of us know - combined!  So it is of no surprise that he is sharing a wine called 'Barista'.  I have not tried the wine, but based on his tasting note and food pairing, this label is now on my list of things to do in the coming week...         


2010 Bodegas Logowines, Aya Charming – Alentejano, Portugal

Bright ruby in the glass with red fruit and baking spices on the nose.  The taste is ‘juicy’ in a word, ‘refreshing’ for another; fresh cranberries and currants; slightly tart, which I like.  Surprisingly light in both colour and body but full of lip-smackingly good taste.  Sip this one solo or pair with a tomato based dish on the weekend.   Enjoy slightly chilled for maximum pleasure. 
$11.95 (254359) General list (dry)

2010 Creekside Estate Winery, Sauvignon Blanc – Niagara, Canada

We were at friends for dinner two weeks ago and this was the wine served with pan seared scallops and shrimp as the appetizer.  Along with the classic grassy herbal aromas, there is an enticing sweetness on the nose.  Tastes of grapefruit, lemon grass, and a fantastic sweetart finish – Absolutely perfect with seafood.
$13.95 (620724) General List (off dry)

BARISTA Pinotage 2010
South Africa | 750ml | $15.95

Michael recommends this full-bodied South African red and notes that ‘Scents of freshly ground espresso rise seductively from the glass with soft vanilla and dark berry swirling in the background. This attractive red has blackcurrant nipping at the palate with rich vanilla scented smoke smoothing out any sharp edges on the finish.’

Michael also suggests pairing the 2010 Barista with salt and buttered gourmet popcorn and notes that the crisp fruit flavours compliment the salt and butter drawing out a creaminess that is not readily apparent in the wine on its own.  - Cool! 

Great 'Spot' Michael - thanks!

~> If you would like to provide our group with a 'Wine Spot', simply send me a quick note and I’ll publish your food & wine pairing for everyone to enjoy.