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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Selections for October 15, 2011

- from the October 15th LCBO Vintages release

Being chock-full of fine products of the Nebbiolo grape, this weekend’s LCBO Vintage release is an Italian wine aficionado’s paradise.  But in addition to the old European theme, the catalogue also features a selection of high-end wine from Argentina, including the pricey but outstanding Catena Alta Malbec. If you feel like treating yourself this week, I’d suggest this wine with an hour or two spent in the decanter and paired with a rich beef dish.

Returning to reality, I did find a few striking deals in the release and in this addition of ‘Selections’ I present you with two well priced Canadian white wines plus two big but down-to-earth reds:  the first from France and the second, an Italian blend.  Also in this release is an absolute steal of a LBV Port, and for your cellar, another Italian number that is sure to please after a few years left undisturbed. 



2009 Domaine Grand Veneur, les Champauvins, Côtes du Rhône-Villages – France
An interesting hit of stewed figs and black currant that quickly changes to aromas of pencil lead/graphite.  It is quite earthy to taste with intermittent sensations of cherry and plum.  This in no way reflects the jammy fruit bombs of the new-world but it is equally tasty though from another perspective.  Enjoy it with beef short ribs or hard cheese.    
LCBO #076331 / $18.95 (XD)

2008 La Querciola Chicchivello Langhe Rosso – Italy
This blend of Dolcetto, Merlot and Barbera grapes from the Langhe Rosso DOC is deeply coloured and medium in body.  There is a really nice sweetness that surprised me on the finish considering the earthy characteristics of the nose. 
LCBO #225227 / $13.95 (D)


2008 Jackson Triggs Oakanagan Estate, Sunrock Vineyard Chardonnay – British Columbia
A nice buttery aroma and smoothness greets you hinting at oak influence, but the body is seemingly lighter and uplifted by a clean acidity.  This will pair nicely with both fish and poultry dishes.  Enjoy some Canadian goodness but don’t over chill it.
LCBO #249516 / $17.95 (XD)

2010 Lailey, Riesling – Niagara, Ontario
Ah yes, a hint of honey on the nose some apricot too; I like that.  It reminds me of an older German effort.  There is a clean freshness on the palate that is not overpowered by the obvious varietal citrus character.  It’s more dry than sweet as far as Rieslings go and you can easily sip this one on its own or pair with lunch salads and/or lemon chicken.
LCBO #072736 / $17.95 (D)


2005 Messias Late Bottled Vintage Port
Late bottled vintage or LBV indicates that this wine has spent a few extra years in wood casks prior to bottling.  The additional wood age softens the wine and unlike Vintage Port, LBV is ready to drink when you buy it.  This is great way to experience the classic richness of port wine for a fraction of the price. 
LCBO #140863 / $16.95 (MS)

One for the Cellar

2005 Giacomo Fenocchio, Bussia Barolo Piedmont, Italy
Someday you’ll thank me for stocking your cellar with all these bottles of Barolo.  Traditionally, the wines of the Barolo DOC need 10 years to settle down in the bottle.  I’ve enjoyed Barolo from this producer many times and will attest to the benefits of waiting.  There are two Barolo camps:  those that craft a more modern and approachable style of wine and those such as Fenocchio that produce a wine that reflects tradition.  Tradition implies notes of dries fruit such as cranberry and cherry, some leather characteristics, and dark chocolate; it really is worth the wait! 

I wouldn’t touch this until 2015 but I’d definitely buy two or more bottles to tuck away. 
LCBO #232421 / $42.95 (XD)