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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Selections for October 29, 2011

- from the October 29th LCBO Vintages release

I've selected a good mix of wines from this weekend’s LCBO Vintage release starting with a modernistic Pinot Noir followed by a tasty Malbec, a sweeter Riesling, and two fascinating Italian styles.  As always, we'll add another bottle to your cellar collection and this time it’s a classy Chardonnay from the south of Burgundy.

- Tyler


2008 Sebastiani Pinot Noir – Sonoma, California
A robust pinot full of intense red cherry fruit, smoked aromas, and with obvious oak influence; not a fruit bomb but still the polar opposite of the same wine produced in more traditional regions.  It really is quite forward and equally tasty.
LCBO #014233 / $19.95 (D)

2008 Famiglia Bianchi, Malbec – Argentina
This is a fun little South American number that is full of body and flavour.  Hints of blackberry, cherry dominate with an interesting creamy texture on the finish.  There is also a perceived sweetness that will make this appealing to most new world enthusiasts. 
LCBO #677559 / $14.95 (D)


2009 Inama vin Soave Classico – Veneto, Italy
From an area located just east of the region that produces the wines of Valpolicella comes this crisp, clean eye-catching gold tinted white wine.  In the glass, aromas of tropical fruits and sensations of stone-like minerals on the palate.  The slightest amount of spice on the finish completes the package.
LCBO #949768 / $17.95 (XD)

2010 Loosen Bros. Dr.L Riesling – Mosel, Germany
A simple yet delicious Riesling which leans heavily toward the sweeter side of the style with notes of green apple, apricot, lemon, and the slightest visible effervescence .  This will stand up nicely to a creamy pasta dish or Asian spice.    
LCBO #599274 / $14.95 (MD)


1999 Lornano Vinsanto del Chianti Classico – Italy
Vinsanto (holy wine) is made throughout Italy; this one hales from where the style is thought to have originated – Tuscany.  Light amber with aromas candied orange peel, caramel, and figs.  Notable sweetness, but not overdone – a tasty and traditional Italian wine to pair with rich desserts. Vinsanto is made by partially drying the grapes before pressing (think Amarone/appassimento method).  This extra effort is the reason for the higher price tag.     
LCBO #244947 / $23.95 (S) 500ml

One for the Cellar

2009 Domaine Feuillat-Juillot Cuvée les Grappes d’Or Montagny 1er Cru Burgundy, France
The Montagny is located within the Côte de Chalonnaise, a region in the south of Burgundy.  Only white wine can bear the name Montagny and the 1er cru status is an indication of greater ripeness of the fruit and resultant higher degree of alcohol. 
This wine is drinking well now and shows notes of crisp apple, pear and the slightest butter-cream character.  It will also continue to develop in the bottle for up to 5 years over which the ripe citrus characteristics will give way to a softer mouth-feel.. but it's soooo good right now and what a steal!  
LCBO #245803 / $22.95 (XD)