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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wine for the Weekend

Are you primed for Easter?  Chocolate and bunny ears aside, we go gangbusters at our place on the first holiday of spring and the egg hunt is only the beginning.  Dinner planning starts at least two weeks before the actual date and things get a bit tense in the house as we approach the Sunday.  But Jac and I both love to entertain and this holiday is really no different than any other in that sense.  We default to turkey and ham because, well, everyone enjoys it.  In terms of wine for the occasion, there are many possible pairing options, and I’ve put together an Easter wine pairing guide at that you can link to at the end of this post.      

In this edition of Wine for the Weekend, I've found two wines to serve with appetizers as your guests first begin to arrive this weekend.  Or, if you're travelling elsewhere, wrap them up for the perfect hostess gift.  The red is from the cooler climate of Patagonia in the south of Argentina while the white example is a German product that I’ve raved about for over ten years now.  At 93 points and only $17, this Riesling is one of the best wines for the price at the LCBO!     

Our Wine Spot this week will add a touch of sparkle to your holiday weekend and I concur with our spotter’s thoughts on this lovely wine from a French producer moonlighting in California.     


2008 Familia Schroeder, Saurus Select Pinot Noir – Patagonia, Argentina

I like it and really can’t explain why:  a mass appeal and modernistic red that while not overly Pinot in style, is certainly very tasty nonetheless.  Sensations of Cherry Coke flash across the palate; it even has a slight effervescence that tingles for a moment; very smooth and easy to drink.  Offer this as a welcome wine to your guests when they first arrive.  Serve slightly chilled.     
$17.95 (55442) Vintages (dry)

2007 Studert-Prüm, Riesling Spälese, – Mosel, Germany

I have yet to serve this wine to someone who does not enjoy it.  The spätlese (late harvest) designation indicates a greater degree of ripeness and therefore higher sugar level at harvest. That however, does not mean that the resultant wine is necessarily sweeter, and this is a brilliant example of exactly that. 

Clean, fresh and lively with the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. Round in the mouth and slightly herbal for a moment before tastes of honey and apricot linger indefinitely. A stunning wine that will keep you returning for more.  $17.75 (114777) Vintages (off dry)

Napa ValleyCalifornia | 750 mL bottle
VINTAGES 205641 | $29.95

Lydia suggests a glass of sparkling rosé to kick off your Easter festivities this weekend and notes that Mumm Napa has the perfect bottle for the occasion. ‘Wonderful streams of bubbles rise to the surface of this beautiful pink wine.  I love the mix of citrus and cranberries plus the  little touch of sweetness.  It pair really well with seafood finger foods.’

Thanks for the Wine Spot Lydia!

If you would like to provide our group with a Wine Spot, simply send me a quick note and I’ll publish your wine and food pairing for everyone to enjoy.