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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wine for the Weekend

Sitting in Halifax's il Mercato earlier this week, I began to photograph and share the dining experience with those who follow me on Twitter.  It wasn't long before the restaurant's manager figured out that someone was seated in the dining room and chatting online about the menu and wine list.  With thousands of potential visitors at my fingertips, a wave of wine samples began to fill my cup accompanied by an endless array of Italian tastes.  One of wines to capture my attention that afternoon was a bottle of Garganega from Italy's Soave region and I'd like to share this interesting variety with you in this edition of Wine for the Weekend.  

Our red selection in this edition has both next week's American Thanksgiving in mind and the imminent cold weather here in the frosty north.  You might consider a bottle of full bodied Chilean Syrah to pair with the rich flavours of the holiday meal or as a warming comfort after last minute winter preparations this weekend.  

Our WineSpot this week is from Andrea Sherman who is originally from Ontario but is now working in Quebec on a long-term contract.  Andrea has a bottle of Ontario sparkling wine to share with us just in time for the string of holiday gatherings over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the wine!


2010 Anselmi, San Vincenzo – Veneto, Italy

Aromas of peach, pear and white pepper, this is an Italian white with some body to it.  Garganega is the primary white grape in Soave, blended in this example with Chardonnay.  Fantastic tastes of tropical fruit and melon linger on the finish.  I could sip this all day! $14.95 (#948158) Vintages – dry

2008 Maycas Del Limari Reserva Especial Syrah – Limarí Valley, Chile

There is an uplifting character to this Chilean Syrah (Shiraz).  It is loaded with all the classic characteristics but retains a degree of freshness at the same time. Dark fruit (blackberry and cherry) combine with chocolate and spice on the palate; this will pair with the more pronounced flavours of the holiday meal.  $19.95 (#269423) Vintages – dry

Andrea has kindly suggested a bottle of Ontario’s own Angles Gate sparkling wine to get your holiday open house festivities off to a perfect start.  She also recommends pairing the bubbly with individual bite-sized seafood appetizers nicely organized on trays and strategically placed around the house so that your guests keep discovering new tastes as they circulate.

2010 Angles Gate, Archangel Chardonnay Brut – Niagara, Canada $19.95 

Tyler’s notes:  In the land of Champagne, the style that Angels Gate Chardonnay Brut emanates is called blanc-de-blancs meaning white-of-whites and a purely chardonnay sparkling wine.  Expect hints of toasty goodness bundled up in a lemon-lime citrus zest.  Perfect for toasting friends and family over the holidays!

Thanks for the thought provokingly delicious WineSpot Andrea!

~> I’d love to hear your thoughts on a food & wine pairing:  What is your favourite dish?  And which wine highlights the flavours of the food?  Send me a quick note with your thoughts and I’ll publish it in a future edition of Wine for the Weekend.