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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Selections for April 16th

From the April 16, 2011 LCBO Vintages Release

With New Zealand featured in this weekend's Vintages release, we'll need to include a nice Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc in this edition of the North of 9 Selections.  I’ve also found an easy drinking unoaked Chardonnay from Niagara for you and a couple of big reds to compliment a steak or ribs on the BBQ which by the way, you should think about salvaging from your garage – it’s that time! 

Additionally, I have a lovely sparkling Italian red wine similar to the Moscato d’Asti tasted back in the March 5th release, but I’ll leave the best for last: a wine for your cellar and one that ranks in my Top 10 favourite bottle ever tasted.  You'll be shocked at how inexpensive it is.


2008 Oscar’s Estate Vineyard, Shiraz - Australia
Not what I expected: New world Shiraz that has a down-to-earth component to it. Fragrant with rich black fruit and spice on the nose; the high alcohol component creates a smooth, rich, full body texture; dry but not overly so; there is just a touch of sweetness and a good pepper/smoke finish. I enjoyed this.  LCBO #225631 / $15.95 (D)

2008 Grove Street, Cabernet Sauvignon - California
I anticipated much more heat with the whopping 15.4% alcohol factor but this Cali Cab from Sonoma County is nicely put together. The nose is rich with a mix of raspberry, blackberry, and a hint of cinnamon.  On the palate, chocolate jumped out of the glass (I love it when that happens) with again, a mix of red and black fruit flavours and a nice spice to the finish. Quite good.  LCBO #161190 / $15.00 (D)


2009 Eradus, Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand
Many people claim that you can detect the scent of ‘cat pee’ when you drink Sauvignon Blanc.  Now, before you skip to the next wine, let me assure you that the taste of Sauvignon bears no such similarity… not that I really know what cat pee… never mind – try it, it’s really good!  Pungently aromatic, but on the palate, it turns to lemon and grapefruit zest with open air and a great crisp finish.  LCBO # 225557 / $17.95 (XD)

2008 Fielding Estate, Unoaked Chardonnay - Niagara
So often, unoaked Chardonnay can be aggressive, sour and edgy (that’s why many producers add oak influence to the equation) but there is a softness here that I find intriguing: notes of pear and ripe red apples; the finish is crisp and clean with a slight mineral quality. I like this one a lot.  LCBO #164491 / $ 15.95 (D)


2009 Brachetto d’Acqui - Italy
If you enjoy Moscato d’Asti, I guarantee this will also tickle your fancy.  The same light frothy character, but this time with the aroma and taste of strawberry and raspberry.  At only 5.5% alcohol, this is very light and easy to enjoy. Serve slightly chilled. The new ‘book club’ wine?  LCBO 188045 / $17.95 (MS)

One for the Cellar:

2006 Allegrini, La Grola
The composition of this wine changes from one year to the next and thus it is classified as an IGT or non-standard blend wine according to the Italian authorities.  In 2006, Allegrini has selected a blend of 80% Corvina and 20% Syrah.   I have enjoyed La Grola so many times that I have lost count and it is always incredible; the '98 vintage was absolute perfection!  Expect a velvety smooth, medium to full bodied wine rich with cherry, chocolate, and spice.  The 2006 vintage in Veneto was exceptional and therefore the wines are quite structured and complex.  Let this one sit on its side until 2012+ and then enjoy with a rich meal and good friends.  LCBO # 476598 / $27.95 (XD)