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Rarely will I publish a review of a wine that I did not enjoy; my taste is purely individual, as is your own. If I write about a particular wine, I do so because I also want you to try it.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wine for the Weekend

With the amount of food consumed last weekend, I can’t imagine that any of you care to read about heavy full bodied red wine pairings.  So in this edition of Wine for the Weekend we`ll focus on a couple of clean, crisp, and fruit forward tastes instead.  
The fashion as we approach the New Year is to drink Champagne or sparkling wine and I have just posted a couple of new articles on the subject this week.  If you would like to learn more about the history of Champagne and its many styles, you can link to the articles at the bottom of this page.  For now though, we drink!  Let`s start with a bottle of Riesling from Ontario followed by a top-notch Spanish Cava to ring in 2012 on Saturday night.    

2009 Sandbanks Estate, Riesling – PEC, Ontario

Yet another good deal found right here in our own backyard.  From Prince Edward County on the north shores of Lake Ontario comes this easy-drinking off dry Riesling.  Lemon and lime citrus combine nicely with clean mineral notes and a balanced acidity to make this wine perfect for either casual sipping or ideal when paired with salads on the weekend.
$14.95 (139022) LCBO General List (off dry)

Segura Viudas, Cava Brut Reserva – Penèdes, Spain

`Cava`- it`s Spanish sparkling wine.  In fact Spain produces 12.5 million cases of bubbly annually – who knew?  
You will find this example delightfully refreshing as the combination of citrus and toasted hazelnut flavours of the mousse dance across your palate leading to a very dry and lasting finish. This is fantastic bubbly for the price! 
$29.95 (558825) LCBO Vintages (extra dry)

Link to the Champagne articles:
All the best in 2012!